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The FGS Retainer Service provides your business with:

  • Certainty that its operations are legally compliant across commercial contracts, IT contracts, data protection procedures, employment law and HR practices.

  • Continuous improvement through up to date advice, tailored to your industry sector and business. 

  • An infrastructure that creates a strategic advantage in your business' operations. 

  • Tailored solutions at a cost reflecting your business needs. 

To survive in the commercial arena, businesses need strong legal compliance and contracts that protect their financial interests. The difference between a generic document and a tailored document can make the difference between your organisation operating profitably or not.


The FGS Retainer Service equips your business for the unexpected escalation in costs arising from circumstances outside of your control. All FGS Retainer Services are based on an annual fee, but paid monthly.


To qualify for the FGS Retainer Service an initial FGS audit review is required (see below for more information). 

Our FGS Retainer Service offers two types of Retainers 

General Retainer 

Employment Retainer 

General Retainer

*A full contract review & drafting service by FGS:




Logistics Supply 




Contract Negotiations

General Retainer

General Retainer

Employment Retainer

Employment Retainer

Employing or engaging people to deliver your services is often one of the areas in your business that comes with the greatest risk. The impact of getting it wrong can cause significant damage financially, operationally and reputationally.


FG Solicitors are experts in guiding businesses through this minefield by ensuring:

  • Legal compliance 

  • Flexibility 

  • Risk management 

  • Tailored outcomes 

There is a FGS Retainer Service to suit every budget under the Employment Retainer

Platinum Service

Gold Service 

Silver Service


Annual review of employment contracts, policies & handbook 

Legal assistance telephone helpline during office hours

Review of client correspondence for legal compliance

Everything the Silver Service offers plus 

Annual updates to employment contracts 

Assistance with developing bespoke letters, documents & other precedents 

Automatic subscription to FGS "Sentinel" HR Portal Lite 

No cost online legal updates


Everything the Gold Service offers plus 

Annual updates to handbook & policies 

No cost membership of FGS "Presidents' Club," - A peer group discussion forum for employment related and legal compliance issues

Managers' training

Emergency telephone helpline for calls outside of office hours


Silver Service
Gold Service
Platinum Service

The FGS Audit Service is a legal compliance equivalent to an MOT test. It gives a precise status report on where your business sits legally and provides best practice direction to enable you to make informed decisions about your commercial operations.

At the end of an FGS Audit Service you will have a gap analysis identifying the level of compliant practices & documentation. Importantly, any legal risks and those areas for improvement will also be explained. We will agree any remedial action with you. 

Audit Service
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