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Strategic Review Services

What do classic cars and businesses have in common?

  • Both are likely to have shiny exteriors that attract attention.

  • Both have an engine room that is at the heart of reliability.

  • Once the shiny exterior attracts interest the interested party will inevitably want to look under the bonnet with an expert eye.

At FG Solicitors we believe that you should always run your business as if it is for sale. This way you will optimise your operation and maximise its value.

While we do not profess to be classic car experts it is a fairly safe bet that the same principle applies.

We are trusted advisors who are experts at looking under the business bonnet!

Review, repair and maintenance services we provide. 

A business diagnostic review allows you to identify the challenges and opportunities within your business ensuring that there are far fewer surprises. In short, we provide confidence!

Partnering with our highly experienced review team, can help you achieve these outcomes by undertaking a diagnostic review across various areas of your business, including:

Call Center

HR and Employment Law Practices

Man Signing

Commercial Contracts

Golden Padlock

Data Protection (GDPR) Management

Onboarding a Plane

Corporate Immigration (Right to Work)

Modern Building

Commercial Property

Identifying opportunities, legal risk and compliance issues at an early stage allows you to manage them proactively and effectively whether you are preparing your business for sale or simply maximising performance.

The Strategic Review Process

It can be daunting allowing a third party to take a closer look at your business;  we will therefore ensure that you fully understand the process from the start. The review process will be unobtrusive to enable you to focus on running the business. 

The review process will involve:


A fact find about what you would like to achieve from the review.


An agreed review plan.


A collaborative approach to working with you and other stakeholders or advisers during the review process.


A comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations in relation to any improvements and opportunities that have been identified.


A co-ordinated approach to any remedial work or actions.

Whatever our findings and recommendations, you can be certain they will be tailored your business.

Why choose us?

  • Our tailored bespoke approach.

  • Unsurpassed knowledge and experience in our field.

  • As a trusted business partner, we are able to seamlessly integrate with stakeholders and minimise disruption.

  • Our approach keeps you in control of the process at all times.

  • We always approach the challenge and solution through your eyes.

  • Our solutions give demonstrable added value.

  • We are partners for all business seasons who form long term partnerships with our clients.


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